1. Asset All Risk Policy Covering a bouquet of risks for large industrial establishments such as Fire and Allied Perils, Burglary, damage by external accidental means, machinery breakdown etc
  2. Fire Commercial Policy for Business Establishments and Industrial Enterprises covering Fire and Allied Perils
  3. Engineering Insurance Policies for Construction Projects, Erection of Machines and Plants, Construction Plant and Equipment’, Machinery Break down, Business Interruptions etc.
  4. Burglary, Money Insurance and Fidelity Guarantee covers
  5. Workmen Compensation Liability Insurance
  6. Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Policies
  7. Bonds – Customs Duty, Performance and Advance payment Bonds for Construction Projects, Bid Bonds etc
  8. Consequential loss ; Indemnity against loss of revenue due to business interruption following any unforeseen physical loss of or damage to the plant and machinery insured by Fire & Allied perils Machinery Breakdown.
  9. Shopkeepers Package covering Fire and Allied Perils, Burglary, Liability, etc.
  10. Motor Vehicle insurance covering Comprehensive as well as Third Party Liability risks for commercial vehicles, both goods carrying and passenger carrying


  1. Domestic Package Insurance covering the risks of Fire, Flood, Burglary, and Allied perils for residential buildings and Household contents.
  2. Motor Vehicle insurance covering Comprehensive as well as Third Party Liability risks for vehicles, and two wheelers being used for private purpose.
  3. Personal Accident Insurance covering death or disability arising out of accident.
  4. Burglary insurance providing Indemnity against loss of or damage to property insured resulting from theft involving actual forcible entry or exit.
  5. MICRO INSURANCE : MOA has got special dispensation from the Regulator to provide unique micro insurance products:Micro Insurance – Credit Life and Credit Property for low income group borrowers of Micro Finance
  6. Mobile Insurance covering short term life, Personal Accident and Hospitalisation for subscribers of Mobile phones (TIGO)